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High Temperature PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated Wire Supplier

High Temperature PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated Wire Supplier
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Features: High Temperature Resistance
Insulation: PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated
Working Temperature: -65 To +250℃
Color: Single Color Or Double Color
Wire Gauge: 32AWG~1/0AWG
Conductor: Tinned Copper,silver Plated Or Nickel Plated
Rated Voltage: AC 1000V Or Below
Braid: Optional
Shielding: Tinned Copper Wire
Customized Product: Available As Per Technical Datasheet Or Sample
Service: OEM ODM Accept
High Light:

Tinned Copper PFA Insulated Wire


32AWG PTFE Insulated Wire

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SANCO
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: AF-200/AFK-200/AF-250
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Cable tray or Packing in roll with carton box
Delivery Time: 3~8days
Supply Ability: 250000M/Per Month
Product Description

High Temperature PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated Wire Supplier


What is  FEP wire?

1. FEP insulated wire is a type of electrical wire that has insulation made from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) polymer.

2. FEP is a type of thermoplastic that offers good thermal stability, chemical resistance, and electrical properties.

3. FEP insulated wire is commonly used in applications where high temperature resistance is required, such as in aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment. It is also used in applications where chemical resistance is important, such as in chemical processing plants.

4. FEP insulated wire has good flexibility and is easy to strip, making it easy to work with during installation. Its insulation properties make it suitable for use in high-voltage applications as well.


What is PTFE wire?

1. PTFE wire, is an electrical wire that has insulation made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer.

2. PTFE is a type of synthetic fluoropolymer that has excellent properties, including high thermal stability, chemical resistance, low friction, and electrical insulation.

3. PTFE wire has a high temperature range, offering excellent performance in extreme environments and high-temperature applications. It has superb electrical characteristics, making it ideal for high-frequency applications like microwave equipment, radio transmitters, and data transmission.

4. It is resistant to oils, solvents, and chemicals. Hence it's widely used as hook-up wires in electronic, aerospace, and medical industries. It is also suitable for use in harsh conditions as it has a high resistance to moisture, saltwater, and harsh weather conditions.

5. PTFE wire is highly flexible, easy to strip, and can be easily soldered or crimped, making it easy to install.


What is PAF wire?

1. PFA wire stands for Perfluoroalkoxy wire, which is a type of electrical wire that has insulation made from a fluoropolymer material.

2. PFA is a premium material that offers excellent properties in terms of chemical and temperature tolerance. It is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether, which gives it excellent chemical and oxidation resistance, even in harsh environments such as corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.

3. PFA wire is extensively used in applications that require exceptional reliability and durability, such as aerospace, medical, and semiconductor industries. It has a high-temperature rating and can operate in temperatures ranging from -250°C to +260°C.

4. PFA wire is also high in UV resistance, which helps it maintain its physical and electrical properties in outdoor applications.

5. PFA wire possesses a high level of flexibility, robustness and is easy to install. It is a highly durable wire that provides excellent insulation resistance and exhibits minimal signal attenuation, making it preferred in high-end communication systems.

6. PFA wire is also highly resistant to cracks and abrasions, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh and demanding environments.


What is ETFE wire?

1.ETFE wire stands for Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene wire, which is a type of electrical wire that has insulation made from a thermoplastic copolymer material. ETFE is a fluoropolymer material that boasts excellent electrical and thermal properties.

ETFE wire is widely used in applications requiring durability, flexibility, and high-temperature resistance, such as aerospace, automotive, and electronic industries. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -200°C to +150°C, making it suitable for applications that require extended temperature ranges.

ETFE wire is lightweight, highly flexible, and easy to install, making it ideal for aerospace and automotive applications where weight reduction and ease of installation are essential. It has high abrasion resistance, which ensures that the wire's insulation remains intact, even in harsh environments.

ETFE wire is also chemically resistant and can withstand various chemicals, oils, and solvents. It features good dielectric strength which ensures high insulation resistance, minimal signal attenuation, and low dielectric loss for improved signal transmission.

In summary, ETFE wire is a reliable and robust wire that provides excellent electrical performance, chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance. It is preferred in high-end applications where reliability and durability are paramount.



1. Rated voltage: AC 1000V or below
2. Working temperature: -65 ~ +250 ° C
3. Conductor type: solid core or stranded

4. Conductor materials:Tinned or silver plated,nickel plated copper wire
5. Insulation: PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated
6. Color: red/yellow/blue/white/black/yellow green /brown or double color

High Temperature PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated Wire Supplier 0


Section area
Conductor construction
Insulation thickness
Outer diameter
Max. Conductor resistance at 20
Packing length
0.014mm2 7/0.05 0.15 0.45 1454 500
0.035mm2 7/0.08 0.15 0.6 568 500
0.05mm2 7/0.1 0.15 0.6 356 500
0.08mm2 7/0.12 0.2 0.76 245 500
0.12mm2 7/0.15 0.25 0.85 163 500
0.2mm2 7/0.2 0.25 1.1 90.4 200
0.35mm2 19/0.16 0.25 1.3 53.1 200
0.5mm2 19/0.18 0.25 1.4 40.1 200
0.75mm2 19/0.23 0.25 1.7 24.6 200
1mm2 19/0.26 0.25 1.8 20.4 200
1.2mm2 19/0.28 0.3 2 16.6 200
1.5mm2 19/0.32 0.3 2.2 12.7 200
2mm2 19/0.37 0.3 2.45 10 100
2.5mm2 19/0.41 0.4 2.95 7.43 100
4mm2 37/0.37 0.4 3.4 4.88 100
6mm2 37/0.45 0.5 4.2 3.3 100
8mm2 133/0.28 0.5 5.2 2.3 100
10mm2 133/0.32 0.5 5.8 1.82 100
16mm2 133/0.39 0.6 7 1.22 100
20mm2 133/0.45 0.6 8 0.919 100
25mm2 196/0.4 0.6 8.8 0.795 100
35mm2 494/0.3 0.7 10.4 0.565 100
50mm2 396/0.4 0.8 12.2 0.393 100
70mm2 551/0.4 1 14.6 0.277 100
95mm2 760/0.4 1.2 17.2 0.21 100

 Noted:Specification and core no. are not limited to above regulation,they could be customized.


High Temperature PTFE PFA ETFE FEP Insulated Wire Supplier 1

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